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Overall score 71

Game Description: The differences is instead of set “gems” you have blobs which are affected by gravity. The same colored blobs ,if they touch, combine to form larger blobs and therefore you get more points if you clear them. Each level has a various shape that the blobs conform to and a line which you can’t let the blobs cross or else you lose. Also there are other factors influencing your gameplay such as bombs, mix up cubes, or locks. Also furthering the replay value of this game is the introduction to a survival mode and another secret mode.
Gluey 2 is one of the most unique puzzle game premises I’ve ever played and it’s great to see some inventiveness still in flash gaming.Indeed it is a very unique puzzle game. The whole idea of this game is sort of like Biogems or Elements in Arkandia in the fact that you have to click groups of blobs to clear them and they are replaced as you play.

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