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Overall score 83

Game Description: Christmas is coming and that means you need to start getting those gifts out! And this may entail using a few interesting…contraptions to push them in the right direction. At least that is what Gifts Pusher 2 taught me. In all honestly I’m quite fond of Gifts Pusher 2. It does carry the generic tags of physics/puzzle but unlike most flash games in those categories it manages to kind of break the mold and be semi-unique. What I mean by this is the idea of getting one shape to a certain place is fairly typical in flash games but with Gifts Pusher 2 you actually control a small square and literally push the shapes (gifts) to where they need to go. There is no removing shapes like in Red Remover or other clones to get the shapes where they want to go. There are also a lot of levels in Gifts Pusher 2 which employ, again, some pretty interesting ideas.


What really gets me to praise Gifts Pusher 2 is the sheer amount of polish put into it. Graphics wise they are very shiny and professional looking. The physics engine works quite well as well and causes no problems.

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