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Overall score 85

Game Description: With Christmas season here I figured I should pepper my normal flash game review schedule with various seasonal Christmas themed flash games. Today’s Christmas flash game spotlight goes to Gibbets Santa In Trouble. If you do not know the Gibbets series it is a pretty popular one that has spanned three editions and a level pack. Now there is a Christmas themed level pack/reskin. Gameplay in Gibbets Santa In Trouble is simple and the same as all the others. Save people getting hung by shooting the rope with your trusty bow and arrow. Later levels add addition items and tricks in this but the premise is the same. Gibbets is a game of physics as you need to get the power and trajectory right of the bow and arrow.


You may be wondering if anything particularly new is in this seasonal Gibbets Santa In Trouble flash game. The answer is not really. When I said it is just a level pack and a reskin it pretty much is that. Instead of saving John and Jane Does you are saving Santa and reindeer.

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