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Overall score 82

Game Description: While the latest Ludum Dare (#23) is over, it still inspired this wonderful, short little story game, Get Closer. As you all should know if you read my blog and I really hope you do is that I love short little games like this. Get Closer reminds me heavily of the surprisingly popular flash game, I Saw Her Standing There, or the newest popular story flash game, Pretentious Game. Either way, these are very short games that deal on the idea of love and Get Closer is the same way. Basically the story revolves around exactly what you would think. Getting closer to the girl of your dreams.


The game then goes on to talk about the various obstacles getting in the way, or how you think you need more money, but then you realize you just need to collect love to get closer. It’s really a sweet story and at least ends on a good note which will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

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