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Overall score 68

Game Description: Nitrome has already been one of my favorite flash game developers; I love their pixel art style, all their games are high quality and for the most part are unique and they aren’t afraid to try new things. And it seems Nitrome is continuing this trend by expanding their market from just flash games and are trying to get their latest game greenlighted on Steam. The game title? Flightless and I’m sure by the title you can get an idea of what it is about.
Yes, a bird who can’t fly! But it’s a puzzle platformer? Yes it is, to get around you must utilize your magic ladder making ability! You can use these ladders to get around as well as crush the various enemies. I suppose this ladder making ability is the “unique” part to this Nitrome game but in general I would say that it feels a bit generic in terms of how puzzle platformers go. Not to say that Flightless is bad, this is actually only a demo in an attempt for the Stream greenlight so I am judging a tad prematurely I suppose.

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