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Overall score 90

Game Description: Fire is unforgiving, am I right? Certainly seems so, once something is burning well…can’t un-burn it. So you really don’t want to get on fire’s bad side or else it may take something out on you, hence is the case in Fire’s Revenge. Fire’s Revenge is a fun little physics puzzler in which you are a ball of fire rolling and jumping to the end of the levels and of course burning anything you touch along the way. The way you burn everything you happen to come in contact really reminds me of the Firebug series, so while not “unique” per say I still am a pyromaniac at heart and love the idea.


The puzzles in Fire’s Revenge are quite simple and involve mainly removing obstacles either completely or through some complicated system as well as pressing the space bar to jump. Fire’s Revenge also has multiple “acts” and some cut scenes further increasing professional value.

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