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Overall score 69

Game Description: I Don’t review many of these types of flash games. These point and click linear adventure puzzle games. I just find them to be too straightforward and limited and there is only so much you can do to really “stand out”. But here I am reviewing Soldier Diary anyways but in actuality it wasn’t too bad. All flash games in this point and click genre have some sort of silly sideline to go off of; Soldier Diary’s isn’t silly at all but rather quite serious as you are a soldier infiltrating enemy lines. So in this game you actually have to take out (aka kill) enemies in various ways as you progress.


Anyways, the art style for Soldier Diary is the other thing that I really liked. It had a good contrast of gold and dark hues which gave it an interesting look as well as the general character graphics were quite good. Going back to gameplay for a bit, I was impressed at the creativity and polish in Soldier Diary. For instance there are some slow-mo moments where you ninja kick an enemy soldier off a tower then use a hatchet to drop a bridge on two others.

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