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Overall score 78

Game Description: It seems in an RPG game there is always some vengeance going on to drive the storyline. Hence is the same case in this flash game, Enola Prelude, by Grindhead and Jimp. You set out on your 18th birthday to avenger the monster which you believe killed your dad. Heavy material it seems to have the art done by Jimp who is known for cutesy graphics like in his Sushi Cat series. And in fact that is one of my criticisms. I love Jimp’s art style but guess it just feels out of place in an RPG flash game where there is an attempted “real” storyline. Anyways, gameplay in Enola Prelude is classified as an RPG and it is turn based at that.


You essentially go from level to level faced with various monsters in waves and you pick what attack you want to do. You have normal attacks and you also have special ones which use mana as well as some white magic powers such as healing and poison antidotes.

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