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Overall score 82

Game Description: I’m sure you are all picking up on the “slight” sarcasm in my tone here. But it is a pet peeve of mine when I see great series just crank out “new” games to cash in. Endless War 6 is pretty much exactly like Endless War 5, done to a tee. The only thing different is the names of the tanks as it is played in a different perspective.endless-war-6-gameplay

The gameplay is exactly the same aka tank controlling which while I like and think is a great addition, I was hoping for a little bit variation from Endless War 5 and I know tons of players yearn for a return to the gameplay style of Endless War 3 which they have seemingly abandoned. Now don’t get me wrong, I like the gameplay style and think it works well. It actually works a little better (in terms of your allies help) but the issue is that no change was made. Endless War 6 should really just be called an expansion pack or level pack of Endless War 5.

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