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Overall score 87

Game Description: Time for another flash game spotlight by me, FlashMush Reviews! Today’s spotlight is on a game made for another competition. This time Mochi’s latest competition in which you had to create a game that had to be played in 60 seconds. Tough right? Well, Chris Jeff (of Space is Key 2) and Jay Armstrong (of Super Adventure Pals) took to the challenge in their very capable hands and made a great game called Eleventh Hour.

Eleventh Hour is a fairly simple concept (as it kind of had to be to fit the criteria) and has one goal. Rescue your daughter! But of course there is the 60 second time limit catch and you have to rescue your daughter in 60 seconds or less! Now what they manage to accomplish in 60 seconds is astounding. Not only is the graphics typical Jay Armstrong style and well polished but the storyline packed into 60 seconds of gameplay (with a few retries) is amazing and quite deep. The gameplay is also quite nice albeit simple and short.

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