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Overall score 88

Game Description: Ah! what a nice colorful game  Help Guan Yu through the dense forest while beating down the baddies in this awesome “Final Fight” style game! Dynasty Warriors is loosely based on the Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which itself was loosely based on ancient Chinese history.


the premise revolves around the “Three Kingdoms” era of medieval China, as a trio of warlords fight to rule the land. A huge amount of playable generals duke it out on battlefields populated by hundreds of opponents, asserting their dominance with simple, instantly gratifying, button mashing combat. Capturing a base is simple. One just needs to slaughter everything inside it until a troop counter drains to zero. Maintain enough of a rampage before the enemy can replenish, and it’s yours.

The Pros:

  • Mowing down enemies can be fun for a bit
  • Colorful Flash environment

The Cons:

  • Repetitious combat is the bulk of the experience

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