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Overall score 73

Game Description: Dungelot is a typical dungeon crawler. You have two characters (so far) you can play as; a paladin and a vampire. Each have special attributes and different health/attack rates. Gameplay is fairly simple. You are placed in various dungeons and you click spaces to “move”. Each space could reveal nothing or could reveal special things such as enemies to attack and a plethora of bonuses to help you in your way. If you encounter an enemy you do not have to fight right away but they do block passage to other squares and one random enemy from each floor holds the key to the next level. Special bonuses include, money, health packs, various spells you can use against enemies and other fun things.


The only real issue I have with Dungelot is that it isn’t quite finished. Only two classes to play as and not many enemy variation. Luckily, Pixeye has noted that these changes are on their way.

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