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Overall score 81

Game Description: When I say well polished drift racing game…I mean it. Drift Runners 3D is perhaps one of the best looking racing flash games I’ve had the pleasure of playing. This of course is mostly due to the nice 3D graphics but also the detail put into all the different levels is astounding. Birds fly out of the way on the tarmac, steam rises from the landscapes after rain storms, it is absolutely insane. The drifting aspect of Drift Runners 3D is also pretty cool albeit a little hard to get a grasp on at first.


drift-runnners-3d-carsThere are 12 different races each with a time trial and then three different races in which you dodge obstacles. Each race level also has a different environmental characteristic such as dirt, mud, snow and tarmac and you can buy cars which preform better in those situations as well as upgrade their top speed, acceleration and boost.

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