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Overall score 78

Game Description: I’m sure the first thing you are noticing here is the word, “Demo”. Yes, I’m reviewing another demo game. I believe my first was for Kingdom Rush, and look how that has turned out. So while this is just a demo version of Defender’s Quest, it has loads of promise. First off though, this is a long demo. Not your typical one or two levels, this is one or two hours of gameplay. Yeah..you read that correctly. Secondly, this is sort of the Prelude to the whole Defender’s Quest series as the full title is Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten.


Take note of that last part; Valley of the Forgotten as it’s a huge part of the storyline here. But first off I’ll briefly explain the gameplay as it’s interesting. It plays in typical tower defense style, however your “towers” if you will are actually units and characters of the story. It is in this way that Defender’s Quest brings together both defense and RPG worlds. Furthermore you can upgrade your characters, buy them items, etc.

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