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Overall score 92

Game Description: Just realized something, WebCypher is great at making flash games, and more so great flash game franchises that are very unique. They are responsible for the Mass Mayhem series as well as the Feed Us series. And now, I’m realizing that they make the Deadly Venom series, with the newest one being Deadly Venom 3. The gameplay of Deadly Venom 3 is not all that unique but it is rare. Or rarely pulled off well I’d say. I compare the gameplay style to that of on the rails shooters such as the Sift Head series or Mr. Vengeance. Except it also utilizes quick WASD key pressing. Again, not that unique of a concept but weirdly enough hard to pull off. I feel most games can’t get a good balance between speed and reaction time.


Deadly Venom 3 is a game that finally reaches this harmonic balance. It’s also not an on the rails shooter although it does have the on the rails aspect. But instead of a gun (well…there is a few gun moments) you use your fists (aka the quick WASD presses) or knives. You also have to have an element of sneaking. You can’t attack your enemies if they are looking at you, have to wait till they turn their backs to you.

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