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Overall score 80

Game Description: Dead Zed is a conglomerate of flash game genres all wrapped up into one Zombie themed package. It takes elements heavily from The Last Stand series more specifically the first two, as well as some elements from the Rebuild series. Of course these two series are some of the best and finest zombie defense and strategy games so I don’t blame them.


Much like in the first two Last Stands the gameplay is fairly straight forward. You have waves in which you actually shoot the zombies yourself although in Dead Zed it is in first person point of view and stationary. The zombies come out at you from one location which is from a field on your farm. Once you dispatch all the zombies in a wave you go to the second part. This part combines the house searching and finding guns aspect in the Last Stand, including the hand drawn houses on brown paper. It also has a survivor aspect which is indicative of both the Last Stands and Rebuild.

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