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Overall score 81

Game description: Solve the puzzle by collecting all the hints! The Darkness 2 follows the story of the hero Jackie Estacado.The Darkness 2 will be similar to its predecessor in what concerns the game style. A new tactic called ‘quad wielding’ will be available. This allows the player and implicitly the character, Jackie Estacado to use both his supernatural powers as well as his fire arms at the same time. The accent falls on Darklings, a certain Darkling being put under the spotlight, because he will have great importance in the development of the action of the game.


He will be able to use the objects surrounding him and in attacks. For example, he will use the drill to attack and torture the enemies of the player and will use standard fire arms, like pistols to attack and threaten the hero’s enemies. Jackie can use the natural elements to his advantage. Thus, he can use car doors to protect himself and parking meters to stab his adversaries.


  • Good Story-line & Game-play


  • Weak Graphics

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