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Overall score 80

Game Description: Now this is a shocker! ThePodge is back with a new City Siege game but it’s a whole new gameplay style! You all know I love the City Siege franchise and gave a perfect score to City Siege 3: Jungle Siege, so I love the whole tactical warfare strategy shooter get up. This time though the formula is different and favors a more tactical strategy sniper game in City Siege Sniper.

city-siege-sniper-strategyOf course by the rating I gave City Siege Sniper you can see I love it just as much as the other City Siege games. I love it just as much because it’s pretty much the same type of game, just instead of physically moving units around, hiding and shooting you are sort of in this first person point of view, but doing the same types of strategy. What I mean by this is you can still be tactical about it all. Shooting barrels to maximize death and destruction, carefully sniping those baddies near hostages, etc.

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