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Overall score 98

Game Description: Who would have believed that two colorful dinosaurs who love to eat everything in sight and blow bubbles would become a worldwide arcade hit. When Taito released Bubble Bobble to arcades in 1986 that’s exactly what happened. Bubble Bobble follows the story of Bub and Bob who have to traverse 100 levels to save their girlfriends from the evil Sorcerer. In this platform game you use bubbles as a means to trap the various enemies onscreen and then pop them turning them into tasty treats such as fruit and candy. Each level is designed differently, but the objective remains the same. In addition to busting bubbles you can collect lettered bubbles to spell out “Extend” to gain and additional life and eat special candy to increase your movement and bubble speed.


I personally loved this game though there were times my mother would hear the “girl-like” (her words) music and walk in questioning why I was playing that game. I could only tell her was it is fun which led to a strange look on her way out.


  • Colorful Graphics
  • Very Addicting Gameplay
  • Great background music
  • Challenging Boss levels

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