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Overall score 83

Game Description:  If you are one of those gamers who spend most of the time playing online games, then you must have played a game from this famous Tower Defense series. The basic aim of this new game is also the same as the previous 3 versions; you have to kill the incoming opponents by placing towers along the paths to your castle. But this game is little bit different in some aspects with new Bloon enemies, New Towers and a whole bunch of new upgrades for you to claim. If you’ve not played the series before we should probably mention that the enemies are balloons… Not so scary you think, but still a strategic addicting game for you to enjoy. You have to play to protect the monkey castle from being over taken by all of the Bloons, You did know that balloons and monkeys are natural enemies didn’t you? Well in this game they are!


The game consists of 3 Game Modes, Career Mode; which will take you through the main game scenario. Sandbox; let’s you play on any open map with all towers unlocked, unlimited money and the ability to choose what enemies are released. And then the New Apocalypse Mode will provide an unlimited amount of enemies non -stop to see how long you can last.

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