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Overall score 62

Game Description: I don’t know about you but having blocks with eyes which are blinking and winking at you is kind of creepy. Guess it’s good that the idea behind Blinkz 2 is to click to get rid of some of those creepy blinking boxes then! The idea behind this physics puzzler flash game, Blinkz 2, is very similar to games like Monsterland: Junior Vs. Senior and Replaceable Blocks where you take out certain blocks to leave one behind. Blinkz 2 is exactly this but it does have one “new” trick up its sleeve and does have a certain charm behind it all. The “new” trick I’m talking about is that in Blinkz 2 the star system…well you have to work for it.


As you remove various blinking boxes, stars shoot out and you need to collect them with your mouse. The amount of stars you catch corresponds to your three star rating at the end. This is interesting but kind of annoying if you have slow reflexes or a slow mouse (as I happen to have).

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