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Overall score 79

Game Description: It is this combination of interesting and unique platforming action (I’ll get to that in a minute) with cute little side anecdotes about love but in the perspective of trash blowing in the wind really makes for a great game. Not sure why just does. So what is this about interesting platforming action, you say? Well, Villa Vanilla took another literal translation with the movement set of a light plastic bag and the whole game is actually played as the plastic bag floating in the air. The controls aren’t the best as you have to tap both the left and right arrows in quick succession in order to ascend which can be annoying and turns/descending can feel buggy, but the general premise is there and it dares to be different.


Something I’ll always praise flash game developers for being and doing. The level designs help facilitate these interesting moves with wind currents and such as well as the dangers of spikes and water.

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