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MoonType: Episode 2

Game Description:  The latest on my repertoire it seems is MoonType: Episode 2. Now again, I have played plenty of typing games. Just a few being; Extreme Spelling and Ink Battle. And you may be thinking   Read More ...

Overall score 75

Bush Whacker 2

Game Description: Bush Whacker 2…Hmm… I wonder what you will be doing in this flash game? If you guessed whacking bushes then you are completely right! Literally Bush Whacker 2 is   Read More ...

Overall score 89


Game Description:I’m always amazed at how game developers can make such great games in such a time period. Hence is the case with Gornax by Berzerk Studio, but then again what else   Read More ...

Overall score 87

Second Wind

Game Description: Much to my surprise I load up a new game on Kongregate and it turns out to be a game I helped beta test a few months ago! Guess Second   Read More ...

Overall score 75

The Last Castle

Game Description: Love defense games? Love the artistic style of Kingdom Rush? Love multiplayer games? Then, The Last Castle is just the game for you. In a unique mixture of defense games   Read More ...

Overall score 70

Sift Heads: Street Wars

Game Description: First things first, Sift Heads: Street Wars – Prologue is exactly that; a prologue. It’s also sort of a demo for the full game Sift Heads: Street Wars which is going   Read More ...

Overall score 71

War of the Web

Game Description: Ever think about the main flash game portals and if they were in an actual war with one another? Well, War of the Web just took that thought into reality! And   Read More ...

Overall score 72


Game Description: One of the more famous board games would have to be Risk I would say. Sure a lot of people hate it and have various criticisms for it but   Read More ...

Overall score 73

Shellshock Live 2

Game Description: One of my, actually scratch that, my all time favorite multiplayer artillery flash game is back with a new and improved sequel! Shellshock Live 2! You may notice a long time ago   Read More ...

Overall score 65

Atomic Puzzle 2

Game Description: Time for another puzzle game! Atomic Puzzle 2 is explosive! Well… just a tad, although it does feature a lot of chemistry and everyone knows chemistry is where the explosions are   Read More ...

Overall score 74

Arranje That

Game Description: Everyone loves a good shape remover flash game, right? Certainly seems so with the amount of remover games that gets made. Here to add to the already existing plethora   Read More ...

Overall score 74

Potatoman Seeks the Troof

Game Description: Everyone wants to know the truth or troof as Potatoman says, but does anyone really find it? Well, the protagonist in PixelJAM’s latest retro inspired game, Potato-man Seeks the Troof,   Read More ...

Overall score 68

Kingdom Rush

Game Description: Feeling deja vu? Well, you are! Sort of… I have previously reviewed, or “pre-viewed” Kingdom Rush before when it was in Beta mainly to help out IronHide Game Studio as well   Read More ...

Overall score 92

Neo Circuit

Game Description: I usually do not like games of this ilk for some reason. What ilk am I talking about? The genre of strategy defense games where you start off with   Read More ...

Overall score 73

Run 2 Live: Great Escape

Game Description: Run 2 Live: Great Escape is a unique runner type flash game and it reminds me a lot of 300 Miles to Pigsland. What I mean by this is   Read More ...

Overall score 79

Stealth Hunter 2

I have mixed feelings about stealth games. It can be fun sneaking around in the darkness and acting like a spy, but on the other hand I can find them extremely frustrating   Read More ...

Overall score 86


Game Description: Nightflies is actually a pretty interesting game idea as it combines familiar concepts with new twists. Basically you need to free obstacles that are covering or otherwise hiding light bulbs and to   Read More ...

Overall score 83

Russian rullete

Game Description: The game Russian roulette involved six people. The rules are simple. Choose the total bet and start the game. The winner gets all the money.  The game is   Read More ...

Overall score 70

Maziacs: The Boardgame

Game Description: It is a dungeon crawler and it is great. It also is absolutely free, provided of course you have a printer and some dice, and can be played with   Read More ...

Overall score 45


Game Description: A mission-based card game similar to Magic: The Gathering. Summon creatures and cast spells to reduce your opponent’s life to zero.A sci-fi card game. Defeat your opponents with   Read More ...

Overall score 90

Tiny Island Adventure

Game Description: Tiny Island Adventure tells us a story about a young, girl mechanic Lydia, who built her house on a floating island, but for her misfortune, it one night suddenly   Read More ...

Overall score 62

Lord of the rings

Game Description: LOTR as the game is called in short feature the Hobbit gang of adventures, their friends and foes from Gandalf to Sauroman.  The Hobbit Frodo remain a key character   Read More ...

Overall score 40

Governor of Poker 2

Game description: After the success of Governor of poker comes a new epic adventure cared game.In Governor of Poker 2 game, the Texas gambling committee has declared card games illegal and banned all poker games. It’s up   Read More ...

Overall score 80

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